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Doctor Who : The Rising Night / by Scott Handcock ; narrated by Michelle Ryan

"Doctor Who": The Rising Night: (Audio Original) (BBC Audio) - Scott Handcock

It's October, so it's time to start throwing some good halloween monsters into the reading regimen.  Doctor Who : The Rising Night features "the tenth doctor" (my favorite) having to once more save Earth from a dire threat.  In this book he's doing battle against a vampire/zombie/siren/banshee-ish alien who rips and shreds like a werewolf.  This alien is hell-bent upon taking over the world and ruling it with exactly the kind of leadership style you'd expect from such a creature, so Doctor Who really needs to act fast to keep this threat from getting out of control.


Scott Handcock did an excellent job of putting David Tennet's Doctor Who style onto the page, while Michelle Ryan did a great job of voicing that style.  I enjoyed the book, and it is the month of halloween, but you know, vampires.  I'm starting to get a little burned out on these particular undead beings, and while it was a nice twist to give the aliens in this story some of the characteristics of other familiar monsters, in the end, they were at the core vampires with the same ultimate vampiric weakness.  A more creative, less vampire-like demise for these aliens would have been cool--there's just no other way to say it.


The story was a short one, so it's a good quick listen (audiobook), and as I mentioned above, the tenth doctor's style was so evident in this book it was very easy to become absorbed in the story.  Certainly one that a Whovian can enjoy.