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King Richard III / by William Shakespeare ; performed by Kenneth Branagh, et al.

King Richard III: Performed by Kenneth Branagh & Cast (Classic Drama) by William Shakespeare (2005) Audio CD - William Shakespeare

This was my second foray into King Richard III.  The first time I was exposed to it I read it, and hated it!  I mean, bored to tears, thinking bad thoughts about Shakespeare, tempted to rip the pages from the book hated it.  


I feel bad about my dislike of many of Shakespeare's historical plays, so I do intend to give them another chance.  I decided to listen to this one in audiobook format, and it was performed by Kenneth Branagh, who is famous for his work as a Shakespearean actor.  Listening to this play was much better than trying to read it, but it is still not enough.  Unfortunately King Richard III is a play that must be seen to be appreciated.


In audiobook format it is extremely difficult to keep track of the characters.  It's often difficult to know who is speaking, or even what the scene is, and that interferes with the ability to keep track of the story.  These plays were simply meant to be seen, not read, not listened to.  You can read some of Shakespeare's works and do just fine, but with Richard III, and I suspect with his King Henry plays, too much gets lost by not being able to experience the play in the way Shakespeare intended.


Since King Richard III doesn't show too often at theaters around here, my next step will have to be to find it on video.  Maybe then I can finally get full enjoyment of King Richard III.