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Crane / by Jeff Stone ; narrated by Kiki Barrera

The Five Ancestors Book 4: Crane (The Five Ancestors, Book 4) - Jeff Stone

Lots going on in this book, the 4th in The Five Ancestors series.  To be honest, there was probably a little too much that went on, making the story drift even further from any kind of clear center.  I really have no idea any longer what our monks are trying to do, because they are continually being swept off course and then brought back together only to be swept away from one another again.


That said, I did enjoy this installment.  I found Hok to be an interesting character.  She was a nice blend between masculine and feminine, hardness and softness, tenderness and firmness.  Of any of the characters up to this point she was much more of a yin and yang character, making her, I think, the most enigmatic and unpredictable character in the story.  I love that she so well embodies the tenacity that martial arts requires of students.