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Eagle / by Jeff Stone ; narrated by Kiki Barrera

Eagle - Jeff Stone

I thought that Eagle was the most intimate and most tight story of the five books I've read so far in The Five Ancestors series.  Eagle really shined a light on Ying and his psychology.  Unlike Snake, and to a lesser extent Crane, Eagle wasn't weighted down by the introduction of tons of new characters--most of the story focused on Ying and Hok working together toward common ends.


I'm not sure that I fully accept the relative ease with which the monks and Ying come together to form an alliance.  Ying's hatred of his brothers and his sister had been pretty intense up to this point, and I don't know that there would have been such a willingness on their part to put aside their anger toward Ying for destroying their temple and killing their Grand Master.  Still, I liked the story, and am beginning to look toward the end of the series with anticipation as to what will become of our monks and their relationships with one another.