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The Ravenmaster's Secret : Escape From the Tower of London / by Elvira Woodruff ; narrated by Simon Vance

The Ravenmaster's Secret: Escape From The Tower Of London - Elvira Woodruff

Ok, I enjoyed this story.  It had heart, it had a message, it had the ability to stir my emotions.  I also like my kid lit to end the way the stories should end (for me, that usually means don't kill off any characters I like, and generally give me happily ever after--I cannot abide sad stories, especially in kid lit), and this book does give me the ending I wanted.


I do sort of have questions in my mind about this book, though.  It appealed to me, but I'm an adult.  I found the imaginings of the main character to be sweet--I found peace in reading about the daydreams and flights of fancy of childhood.  The thing is, the story didn't really move quickly, and there wasn't really anything captivating about it.  It was just a good story.  As such, I wonder how much it would really speak to or grab the kids it's aimed at (upper elementary aged kids, I believe).  I honestly can't imagine too many kids in that age range sticking with this past the first chapter or two.  It starts out sedately, and it does ask readers to be a little bit patient while it moves into the main plot.  I just don't know how patient young readers are likely to be with their stories.  Like Tuck, the raven in this story, today's kids are easily distracted by shiny objects, there are multiple blinking, flashing, noise-making things demanding their attention.  Will a good, but quiet story really hold them amongst all that glitz?  Hmm...  I'm not so sure.


Honestly, while I liked the book I can't really imagine myself recommending it to too many kids.  Maybe to kids who happen to love anything to do with English history, or to kids who had been on a tour of the Tower of London, but that is just about it.  Now, that said, adults who like kid lit, and who like a little sweetness in those stories could do worse than The Ravenmaster's Secret.