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Aliens Ate My Homework / by Bruce Coville ; narrated by William Dufris

Aliens Ate My Homework - Bruce Coville, William Dufris

I enjoyed Aliens Ate My Homework.  The story was creative, and the characters were fun, and I definitely think that it would appeal to reluctant readers, perhaps especially to boys.  Our main character is a good boy who suffers at the hands of bullies.  He does what he knows is right, even when that winds up working against him.  I really liked how the author portrayed Rod, and I do think that a lot of boys out there would identify with his personal struggles.  The personal troubles are not the heart of the book, though; the adventure is.  The author's ability to pull a little bit at a reader's heartstrings while mainly delivering fun action is why I would not hesitate to suggest this book to a kid who isn't so hot on reading.


I adored William Dufris' audio narration.  He became one of my favorite narrators after I listened to his reading of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn a few years ago.  He did tremendous justice to that book, and he was extremely entertaining as he narrated Aliens Ate My Homework.  The man can do very diverse voices, and he understands the importance of tone and expression as he reads a story.  Really a top-notch narrator!