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Revived / by Cat Patrick ; narrated by Tara Sands

Revived - Cat Patrick

Revived wasn't bad.  I enjoyed the sci-fi aspects of it a great deal, and I enjoyed the lessons about life and death and about how to cope with loss.  It wasn't heavy-handed, and it felt like it would be accessible to teenagers who are about Daisy's age (16).  I lost a close friend when I was Daisy's age, and it really was my first exposure to the death of someone I loved.  The emotions that Cat Patrick gives to her teenage characters felt authentic, and I recognized the struggle to understand and to cope.  Anyway....  Not pleasant memories to relive, but it is good to realize that learning to live with loss comes with time.


I'm a little less certain about other aspects of the book, but I'm sure that's just because I'm an adult and not a 16 year old.  There was a cute guy, and of course there was a bunch of sweet kisses that, "make [Daisy's] stomach flip," and lots of  "hands just knowing how to hold each other," (barf), but I get it.  First forays into love are like that, I suppose, Cat Patrick got these emotions down right (just last night a 15 year old girl I know was carrying on about the cute new guy and his long, curly hair--she sounded just like Daisy).


I liked the book, but I'd love to know what the people it's targeted at would think of it.  It rings true to me, but does it to them?