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The Bones of You / by Debbie Howells

The Bones of You - Debbie Howells

I really did not care for this book.  The characters were flat, cliched, and unsympathetic.  I felt absolutely nothing for any of them.  The main character in particular was dim-witted,  and I just couldn't understand her involvement with this case.


The mystery was completely predictable, and the red herrings practically screamed that that is what they were.  Most of the book is just the main character saying, "that poor family, this is all so awful," and nothing ever really moves forward at all.  She was completely unnecessary to this story.  It would have been better, I think, as a police procedural.  


That said, the book is a page turner.  It was something I couldn't look away from, even though I was totally aware that I was reading, shall we say, something less than good.  It was a literary train wreck, in my opinion, and was certainly no Gone Girl, as the accolades for the book proclaimed.  I couldn't stop reading, just like you can't help looking at a car accident.