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Out of Order : Stories From the History of the Supreme Court / by Sandra Day O'Connor

Out of Order: Stories from the History of the Supreme Court - Sandra Day O'Connor

I remember when Sandra Day O'Connor was appointed to the Supreme Court.  I was only a kid, but her nomination was significant.  It told me that women could be more than secretaries, nurses, and teachers.  Women could be powerful, and could hold the same jobs that men could hold.  Women could be educated, talented, professional.  Women could be anything.  


Because Sandra Day O'Connor was a symbol for me, maybe I expected more out of Out of Order.  This woman has a unique perspective on the Judicial Branch of our government.  She is in a unique position to tell the story of the Supreme Court, and to really examine that history from a very interesting vantage point.  This book could have been full of substance.  It really kinda wasn't, though.  There were points of interest, and there was some "neat" history, but just when Justice O'Connor would prick my interest, she'd back off and leave me feeling cheated out of substance.  Out of Order was more broad than deep.  Any given chapter could be plucked from this book and be easily turned into a six, or eight, or ten panel pamphlet to be handed out to tourists visiting the Supreme Court.  This book was history-lite.  Not at all taxing, somewhat interesting, but mostly capable of having been so much more.