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Fishing for Methuselah

Fishing for Methuselah - Roger Roth This was a really complete story! Well told, well developed, fun, and it played with the readers. Good moral told in a non-preachy way. My niece and nephew both really enjoyed this book, and so did I. If you can read this with one of those Minnesota accents like in Fargo, it would be even better. Alas, I can't do this accent, so coming out of my mouth Ivan and Olaf's voices sounded like Scandinavian leprechauns who were born in England but spent the last 20 or 30 years residing in the U.S. Or possibly India. It was a sad, sad attempt at a specific regional dialect. Fortunately, the story was good enough to withstand my slaughter of the English language, so the kids didn't criticize.