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The Great Cookie Thief

The Great Cookie Thief - Emily Perl Kingsley 3.5 stars. My nephew and I read this today, and thought it was reasonably entertaining. It's a great little book for preschool kids, and it's especially entertaining if they're learning comparing and contrasting, or matching. The twist in this earned a few chuckles from my nephew, and he did like the book well enough to have me share it with his sister. She's much too old to really groove on a Sesame Street book, but she enjoyed the upshot of this little story, too. We read this with [b:The Monster at the End of this Book|44186|The Monster at the End of this Book (Sesame Street)|Jon Stone|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1320493760s/44186.jpg|640276], and we found that they worked well together to cheer up my nephew, who was a little sad today.