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T. Rex Trouble! (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition)

T. Rex Trouble! - Dennis R. Shealy My nephew loved this book. I had a few other stories to read to the kids tonight, but not in my nephew's opinion. T. Rex Trouble was the *only* book I had in my book bag tonight! I read the story to him, and he just beamed the entire way through! When we were done, he exclaimed, "THAT WAS SO COOL!!" I handed the book to him, and he looked at all of the pictures, and then I heard him "reading" the book to himself. He asked me to read T. Rex Trouble to him a second time, but my voice is a little raw tonight, so I asked my niece if she would please read it to him. Now this is where the book had merit for me.

My nephew loved it, as I knew he would. But what I liked about this book is that it was completely something that my niece was able to read to her brother. It gave her the chance to work on her expression as she read, and it gave her the opportunity to read big words like triceratops and pteranodon.

The story in this book is aimed at young pre-school aged kids. But what a great book to use to get those older siblings involved in reading out loud to their little brothers and sisters! Woo-hoo Super Friends!