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Brimstone (Special Agent Pendergast Series #5)

Brimstone - Scott Brick, Lincoln Child, Douglas Preston This is going to have to be one that I read rather than listen to on audiobook. I've listened to a lot of books narrated by Scott Brick, and he's a great narrator for the right thing. He's fantastic with [a:Ray Bradbury|1630|Ray Bradbury|http://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1361491094p2/1630.jpg]'s work, and he does very well with classic sci-fi. He just has that kind of voice. But I don't think that his voice and his narrative pacing are a good match with the Pendergast books. He made the book seem awkward, and little bit "off" in terms of the way that his voice expressed the character's emotions. I like the Pendergast series, so I won't give up on this book, but I will give up on this book as narrated by this narrator.