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Kangaroos - Denise Burt, Neil McLeod This book is one that my nephew chose at the library today. It's full of facts and information about various kangaroo families, and it was also rich in photos of various kangaroos. I think this is probably a great resource for kids doing animal reports at school, particularly for kids in the upper elementary grades, but I don't think it's a great straight-through-in-one-sitting read for younger kids. I think there's a lot that younger kids can take away from this book, but it might be more beneficial if read over several story times. It is lengthy and it does cover a lot on each page, and that can be a lot to expect of young attention spans. As I was reading this my nephew interrupted, "Um, excuse me, Amy?"
"Yes, Dear?"
"Um, you are using up a lot of the air in here by reading this book."

No kidding! Lots of words in this one!