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Sandstorm (Sigma Force Series)

Sandstorm - James Rollins, John Meagher Wow, Sandstorm covered some territory! As is typical with a [a:James Rollins|38809|James Rollins|http://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1328147798p2/38809.jpg] book, there was a ton of action in this one. What really stood out for me in this book, though, is that Rollins had a lot of strong women in prominent roles in this book. Rollins has featured strong women in all of his books that I've read, but in this one they really drove the story. I think that more than any of his other books that I've read, this one was really almost a celebration, or an honoring of femininity, and as a female reader of action stories, I appreciate that! For the most part I think he made his female characters believable, and I liked how they all had elements of hardness and softness to their personalities.

I also really liked the character of Painter Crowe, but I was less enamored with Omaha Dunn. I found him to be a bit too childish and petulant for my taste, but I liked how Rollins ultimately addressed that, and brought Omaha around to some self-reflection and some growth.

Exotic locations and exotic characters abound in Sandstorm, and the action was crazy over the top! I liked that about the book, but I did think that the story got to the point of being a little too long for what it was. While my attention held pretty well through the beginning and middle of the book, I did flag a bit toward the end. Rollins can write action that wears you out! Still, I will certainly read the next Sigma Force book.