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Call for the Dead - Ralph Cosham, John le Carré Call for the Dead didn't waste a bit of time getting started. We are quickly introduced to our hero, and he's immediately cast into compelling intrigue. Great! Then our hero gets the snot beaten out of him, and I lost all interest in the book. I'm not really sure what happened here. I was interested and engaged, and then the story suddenly became a chore to listen to.

And maybe that right there is the problem. I attempted to listen to this on audiobook, and immediately I knew that the narrator wasn't going to do it for me. There is a significant amount of dialog in this story. When reading a book, the conventions that indicate a change in speaker are plain. When you listen to a book, though, the listener is dependent upon the narrator for cues as to when a speaker changes. The narrator needs to vary his voice in order to indicate a different speaker. Sadly, Ralph Cosham really didn't do that, and I quickly lost track of the conversations between individuals in this book. I think Call for the Dead might be a pretty good spy novel, but I think that it's one that I'm going to have to process with my eyes, and not my ears.