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Looking for Atlantis

Looking for Atlantis - Colin Thompson Before I checked this book out for my niece and nephew, I was positive they wouldn't like it, so I put it aside. But then I thought I should let them make their own judgments, which they could not do if I failed to give them access to this book. So, we read it.

After we read this book my niece decided that she needed to look at the book on her own and really study the pictures in order to form a better opinion about the story. So her verdict is still out.

My nephew, however needed no re-read in order to form an opinion. "I didn't like that at all! It was very annoying," he said. I wouldn't say that I was annoyed by this story, but I certainly didn't care for it. It didn't make any sense to me, and I thought it was boring, so I think the boy and I see eye to eye there. The pictures were interesting, though, and that is the only reason I am giving Looking for Atlantis two stars instead of one. Way too abstract for my nephew and me.