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Othello (Classic Literature With Classical Music)

Othello (Classic Literature With Classical Music) - William Shakespeare This is arguably the darkest [a:William Shakespeare|947|William Shakespeare|http://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1179017891p2/947.jpg] play that I've read (or in this case, listened to). I like Shakespeare's dark plays, or the ones that make a real attempt to explore the human psyche and the human heart, and I think that this one takes us into some very dark, very dangerous, very "every-man" places (more people are likely to be mixed up in jealousy and spousal infidelity than regicide, for example). It shows us how our feelings can be so easily manipulated, how our fears and insecurities can be so easily fed, and how we can often be our own worst enemy. There was a lot of terror here.

While I liked Othello, there was something about it that kept me from getting completely absorbed by it. I guess I found Iago to be just a shade too evil; for me he really became almost unbelievable as a character--he had sliminess oozing out of his pores! I found it very hard to believe that no one could see through him, and that everyone thought he was so honest, so pure, so solid. People like Iago must have a long history of duplicity and blackheartedness in order to have evil down to the art form that Iago had it down to. I just can't accept that no one ever saw him for the snake that he was.