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Race Day (National Geographic Readers Series)

National Geographic Readers: Race Day! - Gail Tuchman Very simple, basic text with bright photos that are sure to appeal to little race car fans. It's not a bad book, but it is highly simplified, so kids who are really into racing, or who are older or who really want to know a good amount about racing probably aren't going to find too much satisfaction with this book.

Still, kids may not only get racing out of this book. Race Day lead us into a brief discussion about gender equality:

My nephew (age 5): "Girls can't drive race cars."
Me: "Yes they can. There are girl race car drivers. Girls can do almost anything boys can do."
My nepehw: "Oh."
Long Pause...
My niece (age 9): "That's true. Girls can do almost anything boys can do. Except they can't take their shirts off in public."