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Thunderhead - Scott Brick, Lincoln Child, Douglas Preston 3.5 stars. Anasazi ruins, Aztec gold, skinwalkers, corpse powder, Valley Fever, majestic, untouched southwestern setting, archaeological finds of the calibur of Carter's discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb and Schliemann's discovery of Troy, beautiful women, dashing men--really, what's not to like? Thunderhead is a great time killer of a read. It's suspenseful, and it taps into that wonder and sense of excitement that we all feel when huge discoveries from ancient times are made. This is not high literature, but it's fun literature.

The only problems I had with the book were Nora's inconsistent ethics, especially toward the beginning of the book (and frankly, I had a hard time believing that a bit of eyelash batting would have had the result that it did), and I don't know how many times the authors felt it necessary to compare Sloane to a cat. She had cat-like eyes, cat-like grace and agility, a cat-like body, a cat-like purr to her laugh, crikey, I was starting to wonder if in the next sentence we'd find out that her preferred form of jewelery was a bell tied around her neck!

I don't know, maybe this is sort of a guilty pleasure book, but I liked it, and looked forward to listening to it each day. And there was a quality in the narrator's voice that reminded me of my uncle's voice. Maybe I should suggest that he become an audiobook narrator....