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Max's First Word (Max and Ruby)

Max's First Word (Board Book) - Rosemary Wells We read several Max and Ruby books tonight, and I really didn't think that this one was going to turn out to be all that special. I think that our situation this evening made Max's First Word resonate.

My niece decided that it was high time that her brother go through a crash course of kindergarten prep. She was quizzing him on shapes, colors, letters, numbers, then she was trying to teach him to read. I let this little educational session go on for awhile, and it became more and more clear that my nephew was about to throttle his teacher/sister who just didn't seem to know when enough was enough.

In order to head off the impending fight, I pulled out Max's First Word. Lo and behold, Max was having to endure an educational moment sponsored by his own sister Ruby! My nephew was belly laughing all the way through this book! Boy, could he relate! He loved how Max was able to put up valiant resistence to his sister's unceasing attempts to educate him, and he loved that in the end, Max showed himself to be a lot smarter than Ruby had given him credit for. This was just the right book for the moment, and I can certainly see how younger siblings would have nothing but love for this book!