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Captain Pugwash & the Fancy-Dress Party

Pugwash and the Fancy-Dress Party - John Ryan As usual, the kids and I enjoyed this book in the Captain Pugwash series, but this is the first book that we've read in the series that lacks color illustrations. The black and white illustrations were fine, but the color that we've seen in the previous books has really added to the stories (although, we didn't realize it until it wasn't there).

The story itself was entertaining, although probably not the best in the series. As American children, my niece and nephew didn't understand what a "Fancy-Dress Party" was, so I had to explain that. I meant to do so right away, but forgot. Poor kids spent half the book being confused--up until my explanation, my niece had been pretty sure that all of the people showing up in masks to Captain Pugwash's party were robbers!