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The Trouble with Thor (Super Hero Squad)

Super Hero Squad: The Trouble with Thor - Lucy Rosen Thor isn't necessarily one of my nephew's favorite superheroes. He falls into line way behind Spider-Man, Batman, Iron Man, and Captain America, but he and I actually had some fairly substantial discussion after reading this Thor-centric book. We were able to talk about whether or not the choices Thor made about his destiny were the ones my nephew thought he should have made. We discussed why Loki (Thor's half-brother) might have decided to go evil while Thor decided to go good. We discussed why Thor seemed so down in this story, and whether or not he was just having trouble with his power that day, or whether he was causing it to go haywire on purpose. No, our talk wasn't a big moral or ethical "ah-ha" moment, but it showed me that my nephew is developing in his abilities to comprehend and summarize a story, and he's able to accurately suss out situations in order to arrive at strong and accurate conclusions about stories, the characters, and their actions and motivations. It makes me happy to see him developing into a good pro-active reader, and I am so glad that there seems to be a growing number of books on the market that are aimed at appealing to boys his age. Sometimes it's tough to find those books, but they are out there, and it's worth it to hunt for them.