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Sir Francis Drake: His Daring Deeds

Sir Francis Drake: His Daring Deeds - Roy Gerrard Hm.... Well, I was planning on reading this book to my niece and nephew, but I don't know.... This book paints a very rosey picture of Sir Francis Drake, making him out to be daring and bold (which I suppose he was), and heroic, but it fails to mention that he was also kind of a pirate. He stole Spanish treasure (and yes, the Spanish stole it first from the Natives of the Americas), and while this book *very* briefly touches on that, It's so glossed over that I'm not even sure a kid would notice it. Very Anglo-centric point of view in this book! I think that *if* I read it to the kids, I'm going to have to also provide a bit of the other side's perspective on Sir Francis Drake, and probably even some perspective on what the Natives of the Americas thought about all these Europeans coming in and stealing their stuff and killing them, too. More balance in this book would have been much appreciated, but if I have to do the work to properly educate the children, then that's what I'll do!