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Swing Otto Swing! (Ready-To-Read - Level Pre1 (Quality))

Swing Otto Swing! - David Milgrim This early reader, of the same ilk as the Dick and Jane books, is surprisingly funny given the economy and repetitiveness of the words. This is an obvious choice for preschool or kindergarten kids, or for kids just starting to learn to read.

My nephew picked this one off the library shelf tonight, and he was quite pleasantly surprised with it. He laughed through the book, and asked me to read it to him again.

**UPDATE** My nephew had me read this book to him yet again over the weekend, and this time I tried a different approach with him. We used this book to identify letters, specifically G, S, and E (randomly chosen). Because the words were small and repetitive, he was able to easily identify these letters. He was amazed to learn that letters can show up anywhere in a word, beginning, middle, or end. What a great book for taking the first steps into the world of words and reading!