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Water Witching

Water Witching - Geological Survey (United States) As I was working, this pamphlet caught my eye, so of course I had to read it. It is an interesting little U.S. government publication, full of um, "quaint" facts about the art of using a Y shaped "witch stick" to find ground water. Apparently, one can also use wire coat hangers, pliers, or even car keys, so don't feel at a loss if you have no witch stick handy. My favorite lines from the pamphlet:

"To protect against the Evil One, the rod was sometimes Christianized by being placed in bed with a newly babtized child, by whose Christian name it was afterward addressed." Who knew?!

"The case histories and demonstrations of the water witches may sound convincing to the average person, but when water witching is exposed to scientific examination, it presents a very different picture." I would expect so!

"Controlled experiments by a variety of researchers have shown conclusively that water witching is not a reliable method of locating ground water. In view of what they show, the U.S. Geological Survey considers that further tests of water witching would be a waste of public funds." Good to know!

I laugh at this, yet I believe wholeheartedly in Bigfoot. Hey, I have my standards!