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The Magic Cane - Maria Celeste Arraras You know, not a bad little book! Disguised as a fantasy/fairy tale, this book is about the downside of greed and excess, rudeness vs. kindness, and domination vs. cooperation. The author did not beat kids over the head with her message, but instead made sure that the story was as strong as the message. The balance was nice, making this a book that kids could just enjoy as a story, or that parents could use as a teaching tool.

The kids liked this book, although they both expressed some slight confusion at various points. The book was a little longer than what my nephew is accustomed to, so he forgot how the king ended up with his particular malady, and somehow my niece missed it when the kids at the beginning of the book grew into men. But, they both asked questions, and overall seemed to get the story.

The illustrations were pretty, although the king looked freaky. My niece actually screamed when she saw his image for the first time. In the illustrator's defense, however, the king wasn't supposed to resemble Prince Charming. This is a little atypical of the stories we usually read, but it was pretty entertaining!