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Transformers Prime: Autobots versus Zombies

Transformers Prime: Autobots versus Zombies - Zachary Rau Let me start by saying that my nephew and I love the Transformers Prime TV series. It's flashy, smart, action-packed, full of great characters, and it's entertaining. This book didn't really do the TV show justice, and I actually found the busy pages with framed pictures a bit distracting, but who cares? It was still a bang-up story full of good vocabulary and purposeful dialogue.

As I read this to my nephew, he sat completely entranced, with his mouth hanging open and his eyes glued to the book. It had lasers and long-blades, Dark Energon and zombie robots. It had plenty of Optimus Prime and plenty of Megatron. No young self-respecting lover of action stories could fail to enjoy Autobots versus Zombies, and the boy definitely enjoyed it.