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Galileo's Leaning Tower Experiment: A Science Adventure - Wendy Macdonald,  Paolo Rui (Illustrator) This was a random grab off the library shelf, and as soon as I started reading it to the kids I thought, "oh no, this is going to be boring!" My niece and nephew, though, were riveted! The kids, particularly my niece, are quite scientifically minded, and I think this story, that essentially acts out the scientific method, spoke to them. They were both eager to see how Massimo and Galileo's experiment turned out, and they both asked me all kinds of questions about Aristotle and Galileo. They seemed to enjoy the collaboration between Massimo the kid, and Galileo the brilliant professor. After we finished the book they debated about who the smartest scientist in the world might have been. I got some education out of this story, too, since I never took any science other than biology.

The pictures in this book were really nice, too. My niece even remarked on them, and we both agreed that they really add interest to the story. In the end, I'd say that this probably isn't a book that would have thrilled me as a kid, but my brain is not wired for science. We all learned something from this story, and it sparked conversation, questions, and debate. Not bad from a book I thought would be boring.