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Don't Lick the Dog: Making Friends with Dogs - Wendy Wahman I'm going to go with three stars for now, but I reserve the right to up this rating once I see if my niece and nephew take this book to heart. My husband and I have a new little dog. He's a small cute dog, the kind owners of "real dogs" refer to as "rats," and as such, my niece and nephew want to shower him with kid-ly affection. Unfortunately, the dog is not as enamored of the loud, strange smelling creatures with fast movements and squeaky voices.

Forging a safe, comfortable relationship between the kids and the dog means training the children just as much as training the dog. This book tries to explain to kids why dogs often behave in certain ways, and how they need to adjust their behavior in order to have a safer happier relationship with the dog. It's a good book, and the information is conveyed in a fun way that is meaningful and digestible to kids.

Modifying behavior in children and dogs can be a challenge. Several readings of this book may help.