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Bird & Squirrel on the Run - James Burks 2.5 stars. I originally checked this out to share with my niece, but it was actually my nephew that ended up reading this book with me. My niece was in the next room listening to the story, but it didn't engage her enough to lure her onto the couch with us as we read, so she missed out on half the story in a graphic novel--the pictures.

My nephew enjoyed the story, and he particularly liked that Cat looked more and more ragged as he pursued Squirrel and Bird. He enjoyed the bright illustrations and the story, but he wasn't over-the-moon about this graphic novel. He liked it, but didn't love it.

I found the plot in this book to be a little thin, and Squirrel and Bird also annoyed me a bit, but I enjoyed Cat a great deal. I was also pleased that this graphic novel was eye catching enough to keep my nephew's attention to the end. Amusing in places, and an entertaining enough book, but I don't think we loved all of the characters enough to check out a second Bird and Squirrel book, if one existed.