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Crow Planet: Essential Wisdom from the Urban Wilderness - Lyanda Lynn Haupt Interesting, inspiring, and insightful at times. This book did make me look at the city around me me in a totally different way.

UPDATE: 8/1/13 Ok, so I finished this book a little less than a month ago, and I've been trying to do as [a:Lyanda Lynn Haupt|16810|Lyanda Lynn Haupt|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/authors/1248017975p2/16810.jpg] suggests, and open my eyes to the urban wilderness around me. In the book she indicates that we've all seen dead crows, or we've had baby crows fall out of the trees at our feet as they're learning to fly. She also points out that crows sun themselves by spreading their wings and sitting or laying down in the grass, looking for all the world like they're dead. When I read these passages I thought, "I've never seen any of those things. Baby crows have never fallen at my feet, and I have absolutely never seen a crow sunning itself like she says they do."

Well, there's a reason I never saw any of those things. I wasn't looking! I kid you not, people, the day after I finished this book, I saw not one, but two dead crows laying by the sidewalk on my walk home from the bus stop. A few days later, I was out walking my dog, and a baby crow fell just about a foot away from us, landing right in the gutter by our feet! And last week, as I got off work, I looked out in the grassy area next to the building I work in, and sure enough, there was a crow with his wings spread, stretching out in the grass enjoying the sunshine! It was absolutely amazing! My niece told me, "Amy, it's like the book is haunting you!" It truly is like that! It is completely amazing how much you see when you make a conscious effort to open your eyes.

I originally rated this book 3 stars, but it's proven itself to me, and it's made me believe what it preaches--there is amazing wildness, even in the heart of the city. For that reason, I'm adding another star to this educational and haunting book.