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The Adventures of Captain Underpants - Dav Pilkey My niece and I read this book to my nephew over the weekend. Captain Underpants is a book that cannot possibly fail to greatly amuse children, but it's also one that is sure to incur scorn, disgust, and ridicule from mature adults who are concerned about what trash children can find on library shelves. That is why I am stuck in the somewhat embarrassing position of having to admit that I am not one of those adults. I swear, I was laughing as hard as the kids were as we read Captain Underpants. I'm sorry, but sometimes I completely fail to conduct myself as the adult in the room, and apparently one of those times is when reading Captain Underpants. This book is freakin' hilarious! And socially redeeming value? Well, it focuses on underpants, diapers, rubber doggie doo-doo, serious mischief-making, and oh yeah, getting kids to actually enjoy reading, exercising creativity, and going to the places that storytelling takes them.