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Dodger - Terry Pratchett Dodger was a fun, entertaining book! I haven't read much [a:Terry Pratchett|1654|Terry Pratchett|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/authors/1235562205p2/1654.jpg], so I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but I enjoyed this book! The characters in this were all very vivid, the story was engaging, and I couldn't help rooting for our hero. I'm pleased that things worked out for this character the way that I wanted them to.

The only think that I didn't care for about this book is Pratchett did have a tendency to go on about certain things. Onan (the dog) stinks to high heaven. We got it. Don't need to be reminded of it every time the dog enters a scene. On the other hand, every time real dogs enter a scene I am reminded that they stink to high heaven, so maybe this reminder just served to make Onan more real. Pratchett's tendency to go on did make this book more lengthy than it really needed to be, but over all, I had a good time listening to this on audiobook, which was very well narrated by Stephen Briggs.