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The Sirens of Titan - Kurt Vonnegut Ok, I'm not going to write a review that says I'm giving this book two stars because the plot is ridiculous, and therefore not even worth analyzing, when what I really mean is, "uh, okaaay...."

The meaning that I took away from the book is that religion is an illusion of no value that causes people to live lives that they think will please a God (who, it turns out, doesn't care about your life one whit anyway), but wait, religion is necessary to people because it brings them comfort and purpose, and therefore, it has value.

I was caught up in the plot of this book, and while I was reading the book I enjoyed it. When I put it down, though, my reaction to what I had just read was, "meh." The book seemed to say that there is no point in finding a purpose in life, and that knowledge frees us up to find a purpose. Seemingly a bold idea. But really, a rather timid, cover-all-the-bases sentiment, in my view. The book asks, does it really matter? I ask the same about the book.