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Troubled Bones - Jeri Westerson I do enjoy this this series, and I love [a:Jeri Westerson|1432724|Jeri Westerson|http://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1334505313p2/1432724.jpg]'s style. Honestly, though, I didn't like Troubled Bones as much as I liked the other novels in this series.

First of all, I had a bit of a hard time wrapping my mind around the setting for this story (Canterbury instead of London), and I sort of felt like Westerson's normally brilliant ability to bring a setting to life was a bit lacking in this book. I couldn't really ever settle into the scene of Canterbury, so had a hard time mentally following Crispin and Jack around.

I also felt like there was a noticeable lack of action in this story. Crispin is normally a smart, sexy, swashbuckling hero, made all the more compelling because of his obvious honor juxtaposed against his disgraced status. In this book, though, I felt like he spent a lot of time pounding his head against the wall in confusion and frustration. A largely stymied Crispin and a bunch of monks just wasn't enough to make me love this book.

The brightest spot in this book was Jack. He's beginning to grow up in this story, and he's beginning to show glimmers of the kind of man he will become. He was a competent protege to Crispin, yet he still offered some of his boyish charm.

I guess I was ultimately a little disappointed in Troubled Bones, but I enjoy this series and these characters so much, I still manage to look forward to spending time with them in their world.