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Yucky Worms - Jessica Ahlberg, Vivian French Ah, the lowly earthworm. Who knew you were so interesting?

Yucky Worms is pretty well put together! There are lots of interesting facts about earthworms in here; their anatomy is explored, as is their benefit to our gardens and to the soil in general. Also covered is their diet, and what animals include them in their diets. This book really encourages children to get down in the dirt and really (respectfully) examine worms (which my niece and nephew attempted to do immediately after we finished this book, but unfortunately, no worms offered themselves up for scientific examination).

The kids also found this book to be quite funny. There are all kinds of funny things that the worms in this book "say," and worm poop is discussed on several pages, so you know, kids are going to find that to be remarkably hilarious. The funniest part of this book, though, was when Grandma was telling her grandson at length about what creatures eat worms, and then she says, "Ok, it's snack time!" Her timing really made us wonder what Grandma was planning on serving up! DON'T EAT THE COOKIES!!