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Kami and the Yaks - Andrea Stenn Stryer, Bert Dodson Kami, the hero of our story, is a deaf boy who manages to save his family's yaks from an approaching storm. I liked that the hero was deaf, and liked even more that Andrea Stenn Stryer didn't make a big deal out of this--it was just part of who Kami was. Ultimately, the story is about communication. Kami needs help in order to save the yaks, and he has to communicate to his father that the yaks are in danger, and he has to communicate the nature of the danger that they're in.

My niece and nephew both liked this book, and I think that's because the struggle to communicate to and with adults is something that all children experience at various points in their lives. They appreciated Kami's resourcefulness and success in figuring out how to communicate with his father, and they appreciated that Kami's father also appreciated Kami's resourcefulness and success. It feels good to be successful, and even better to be understood and valued.

Oh, and lovely illustrations, too!