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Auntie Tiger - Laurence Yep, Insu Lee Oh dear, did this ever cause emotional conflict! My niece and I are both oldest siblings, and because this book clearly and unequivocally stated that younger siblings should listen to older siblings or suffer dire consequences, we thought this book was a masterpiece. Because this book also depicted the younger sibling rankling under the bossy know-it-all dictatorship of the older sibling, my nephew identified with the book (had my sister been around for this story, I am quite certain she'd have not shared my nephew's point of view).

And then Auntie Tiger met a gruesome fate, and both children came unglued. Complete and utter disgust emanated from them, to the point that I felt a little ashamed of myself for providing them with a book that so offended their delicate sensibilities. Ok, yes, it might have been a little intense, but I think that the important thing to take away from this story is older siblings are right, and are the boss of you for a good reason. The other thing to take away is that yes, siblings can annoy each other, but in the end, their bond is precious, and woe be upon anyone who seeks to snap it.