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Extra Yarn - Mac Barnett My friend Cheryl asks in her review if children would like this book. My niece and nephew thought it was great! They just adored the utter silliness of knitting sweaters for houses, mailboxes, and trees, and they loved that Anabelle had this awesome magical thing that she could use in such a funny, friendly way. The illustrations, with their black and white tones gradually being taken over by color just pleased their little eyes. And naturally, the appearance of the bear and rabbit from [b:I Want My Hat Back|11233988|I Want My Hat Back|Jon Klassen|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1327888784s/11233988.jpg|16160067] was the highlight of the story. Although, being Miss Logical, my niece had to figure out how the eaten rabbit from I Want My Hat Back could appear in this book. "Well," she decided, "he must be a ghost." Must be.