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The Minority Report - Philip K. Dick I have never seen the movie starring Tom Cruise, so my first exposure to this story is Philip K. Dick's story. I see that this thing was first published in 1956, right at the end of Stalin's reign of terror in the Soviet Union, and right during McCarthyism in the United States. Maybe I have communism on the brain (I did just recently finish [b:Agent 6|8501590|Agent 6 (Leo Demidov, #3)|Tom Rob Smith|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1344266248s/8501590.jpg|13367518]), but to me Minority Report read like a book born right out of this era and right out of these events. This sounded to me like a cautionary tale, warning us to be careful about rooting out "potential" enemies/criminals, lest we wind up creating a self-fulfilling prophecy within our society.

The story was entertaining, but not very subtle with its message. Maybe a hair heavy-handed, actually. Still, I enjoyed it. It would be interesting to see the movie now, in order to see how much Hollywood sliced and diced the book.