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Mercy Watson Fights Crime - Kate DiCamillo, Chris Van Dusen Our library has a service that enables us to read ebooks online. It's a pretty neat service; there's an option for audio narration, and the pictures can be animated. Sentences are displayed and highlighted during audio narration so kids can follow along if they wish to do so. We read Mercy Watson Fights Crime using this service tonight, and had a generally good experience.

My niece and I enjoyed this Mercy Watson installment, although we both decided that I have better voices for the characters than the narrator did, and my niece makes way better pig sounds than the narrator! Still, the story was entertaining, even though Office Tomilello's self-dialogue still drives my niece crazy.

Unfortunately, the narrator read this book at a slower pace than we normally do, and these books are lengthy, so my nephew lost interest really quickly. Nevertheless, this was another silly Mercy Watson story, and we're glad we read it.