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Raven: A Trickster Tale from the Pacific Northwest - Gerald McDermott Crows and ravens are venerated birds in the stories and legends of Native American tribes of the Pacific Northwest. They are considered to be light-bringers to this often dark and grey region, so in other words, extremely important animals! These birds are ever present here, and they really seem to have an esteemed place in the non-Native culture of this region, too. It seems like everyone here has at least a few good crow/raven stories, and these birds figure prominently in serious academic studies of animal/avian intelligence. With these birds playing so big a part in the natural culture of the region in which we live, of course this was a book that my niece and I read. We found the story and illustrations (particularly the colors) to be very accurate to the culture and scenery of this region. This was a well told, nicely illustrated story that made us appreciate these birds even more. Yea for the light-bringer!