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Commander Toad and the Dis-asteroid - Jane Yolen Weird, rather unexciting story that absolutely failed to keep my niece and nephew's attention. This was our final Commander Toad book, and despite the length of the books in this series, the kids have never had trouble staying tuned in to the stories to the end. This one just did not do it for them, though! Overall we liked this series, but I do think the stories were not totally consistent for us, earning everything from five to two stars. Of course, that has been true for us of [a:Jane Yolen|5989|Jane Yolen|http://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1209044511p2/5989.jpg]'s work in general--the Commander Toad series just seems to be representative. We love Commander Toad, Mr. Hop, Lt. Lilly, Old Doc Peeper (in his grass green wig) and Young Jake Skyjumper, but some of their stories, including this one, were not as endearing as the characters.