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The Night I Followed the Dog - Nina Laden The kids liked this book, and I guess I did too, in a way. It was imaginative, and certainly made me regret that dogs can't understand this book, because I'm sure that for them it would be a five-star read. I read this book to the kids, and I had kind of a hard time with the text. Lots of the words were illustrated (e.g., the word limousine was written inside a block image of a limo). There were some merits to this; the text looked lively, which I'm sure would make it more interesting to kids. For kids who are learning to read, I'm sure that the illustrated words would be helpful to them in determining what the words were. It was kind of jarring on my old eyes, though. I managed, but it was distracting enough to me that I can't quite give this one four stars. Between 3 and 3.5 seems about right for me.