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Island: A Story of the Galápagos - Jason Chin Let's see.... How many picture books are there that discuss huge scientific concepts like natural selection and evolution, plate tectonics and island formation, species migration and colonization, and environmental change in an interesting way that little kids can understand all in the covers of one book? As far as I know, one. Island : A Story of the Galapagos is a fantastic book that covers all of these topics in a way that perfectly marries science and wonder. My nephew, who is five, let alone my nine year old niece, were fascinated with the parts of this book that discussed the evolution of Galapagos finches, blue-footed boobies, tortoises, and seagulls. They were completely captivated by the geological forces at work in the creation and destruction of islands. The pictures in this book were fantastically done, too, enabling kids to see the effects of evolution or geology in series. The end matter further discussed Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution and natural selection, and it broke down the geological forces behind island creation in even further detail. Jason Chin is a master at creating wonderful non-fiction picture books for kids. He can break complex topics down for them in a way that they can understand, and yet, he does it without dumbing anything down. This is a fantastic children's book by a fantastic children's author! Easily a five star book.