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Fly, Cher Ami, Fly!: The Pigeon Who Saved the Lost Battalion - Robert Burleigh Somehow, in the back of my mind I knew the story of Cher Ami and how he saved American soldiers during WW I, and when I discovered this book on Goodreads the other day I thought it was a story that my niece would like to hear. It's good to know history, and it's good to value the stories of our heroes, weather those heroes are humans or animals. Fly, Cher Ami, Fly was told in a very digestible way for a child audience; this was a story of bravery and desperation, and the author successfully conveyed both. The afterword also provided more detail about carrier pigeons, and Cher Ami in particular, and the whole package ended up being a lesson about valor and about honoring our heroes. My niece and I both enjoyed this book.