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Mustache! - Mac Barnett,  Kevin Cornell Amusing little book about how a vain king's love affair with himself lead to the ruin of his kingdom, earned him the mockery of his subjects, and ultimately taught him that there's more to life (and leadership) than having an incredibly handsome reflection.

I enjoyed this book and found a lot of humor in the illustrations and dialogue. I think that my niece and nephew appreciated Mustache even more than I did, though. My niece is old enough that she's able to enjoy the humor in books like this, and my nephew just really seemed to be into the whole cause and effect thing that was going on in this book. Honestly, I was kind of surprised that they both enjoyed the story as much as they seemed to. I thought my niece would just logic the heck out of this one, and I didn't think that there was enough action to sustain my nephew's attention. I also expected them to be dissatisfied with the ending (it seemed a little abrupt), but none of this turned out to be the case. Mustache ended up being an all around silly and enjoyable story that we enjoyed reading in front of the beautiful Christmas tree.