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The Tale of a Naughty Little Rabbit

Peter Rabbit: The Tale of a Naughty Little Rabbit - Beatrix Potter I checked Peter Rabbit out because my little nephew has been feeling a little sick, a little low, and a little vulnerable lately. I've noticed that sometimes the poor little boy just doesn't need Spider-Man as much as he needs a comfort story.

Ok, I'm not really sure why I thought Peter Rabbit would be a "comfort story." The little guy gets a belly ache, gets chased around the garden by an enraged old guy, loses his clothes, almost drowns in a watering can, and then barely escapes with is life. Oh, but that happy event can't even last! Poor Peter gets home only to find himself in trouble with his mother and sent to bed with nothing but chamomile (chamomile!) tea while his goody-good older sisters get blackberry cobbler! Geez, Auntie! Where's the comfort in this story?! My reality check came when I asked my nephew what he thought of the story. His response? "Uh, not cool."

Although my nephew was not amused, I still have to give Peter Rabbit three stars. It's a classic for both its story and its illustrations, and I like it more now than I did as a child. Really, I'd give Peter Rabbit four stars, but I've got to dock it a star for my decidedly uncomforted nephew.