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The Astonishing Secret of Awesome Man - Michael Chabon, Jake Parker The Astonishing Secret of Awesome Man really is astonishing! This is a fantastic superhero book--great bold illustrations, the story told in language and in a style that the kids of today use, and there's action galore (as there should be in any decent superhero book).

But Awesome Man does have a secret in this book--the secret is masterfully revealed, and the denoument left both my niece and nephew sitting in the back seat with their mouths hanging open. After we finished the book, they spent time trying to figure out how the author of Awesome Man had so successfully hooked them and then pulled the wool over their eyes. It was fantastically funny!

There's a story in here for grown ups, too, and I found that to be as gentle and and as quiet as Awesome Man's heroics were big and bold. This is an excellently done book, and well worth the read, even if superhero books aren't your usual literary fare.